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Rumormongering: Northeast Lola Not Exactly a Done Deal

Ann Kim speaks out onreported second location for her wildly successful Pizzeria Lola.

Photo courtesy Pizzeria Lola

Today Kim clarified that, while she has signed a lease for the location next to Dangerous Man Brewing, the business is still in the early stages of planning what will the space will become. While it will be a restaurant, she stresses, "I’m in the very early stages of development; no firm decisions have been made about the menu, let alone the name."

While the restaurant may or may not be a Pizzeria Lola, Hello Pizza or its own entity, it will undoubtedly be an eatery that compliments the area.  She said, "I love the neighborhood and the people that make up the community.  It is a diverse community of artists, musicians and families and we believe we will complement and add to the vitality of the area."