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If You've Got $2, You Can Get a Meal at Daily Diner

The diner at the corner of University and Dale in St. Paul has served the hungry from all walks of life from day one.

Joy Summers

Every Tuesday beginning now through December 23rd, Daily Diner will serve nine meals for $1.96. Since opening, the cozy diner has served diner favorites as well as providing training for graduates of Union Gospel Mission's program.

The cost of the meal is the cost that Union Gospel Mission spends to provide one hot meal to men, women and children in need. UGM is a service agency providing housing, counseling, resources and meals.

Each Tuesday there are nine meals available at this price: Breakfast can be cinnamon roll French toast, Belgian waffle, or one egg with toast or a pancake.

Lunch is a BLT, Tuna Salad or grilled cheese sandwich with a pickle spear and choice of coleslaw or French fries.

Dinner is a wedge salad, quarter fried chicken, or mac and cheese.

On Tuesday December 23rd, the culmination when they will serve 30 gallons of free soup and chili to celebrate the holiday season.

Daily Diner Frogtown

615 University Ave W, Saint Paul, MN 55103 (651) 789-7573 Visit Website