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The Rabbit Hole Bags Lunch Service

Is this the final end of The Left Handed Cook?

The last of The Left Handed Cook's menu has been served... for now
The last of The Left Handed Cook's menu has been served... for now
Photo courtesy The Left Handed Cook Facebook

As of yesterday, Thomas Kim and Kat Melgaard, owners of The Rabbit Hole and The Left Handed Cook announced that there will be no more lunch service at The Rabbit Hole.

The duo arrived from Los Angeles and first opened The Left Handed Cook at a stall at Midtown Global Market. Fried chicken, Korean rice bowls and a truly decadent poutine were all created with Kim's stone cold culinary chops and playful way with food.

Last year, they opened The Rabbit Hole, a full-service restaurant with a full bar that has since racked up the accolades. At the time, The Left Handed Cook's menu was folded into the restaurant in the form of lunch service. Yesterday, the announcement was made, "As of today, Oct. 5th, The Left Handed Cook will no longer be serving lunch at the Rabbit Hole. The Left Handed Cook & The Rabbit Hole have consciously uncoupled."

The Rabbit Hole will remain open for happy hour and dinner, plus they will soon be making changes and additions to the menu.

As a consolation for the loss of lunch, the Facebook page for the restaurant said,"We understand you may be in shock right now and asking 'why the sudden change?', speculating this and that, and it might even bring you down a little bit, but turn that frown upside down, because like the crazy people we are, we are working on an itty bitty, teeny, tiny, something something. A minnier of minnie kitchens so to speak. A Left Handed Minnie Me?"

They have our attention.