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Town Talk Diner O.G.'s Staging a Reunion at Marché

They were the ones who gave Minneapolis the gift of the boozy milkshakes. For a shining, brief moment in time, there was a special place that launched the craft cocktail scene alongside baskets of frickles. For one day only, we can relive the dream.

Jesse Held, the main beverage man with Jester Concepts, who own Borough, Parlour Bar, Coup d'etat and Marché is getting the band back together. Inside Marché, the cafe at the base of the Lime Apartment building on Lyndale Avenue and 29th Street.

Held said the list of alumni returning is long and an interesting collection of bartenders and chefs including Tommy Begnaud and David Vlach who cooked so many orders of frickles (that's a fried pickle).

The boys behind the alcohol infused milkshakes included Nick Kosevich and Held. Old favorite drinks they will be serving include the Monkey Business, Panty Dropper, Jackson Pollock and more. Birk Grudem (now co-owner of Hola Arepa) will be taking a turn making drinks as will Chad Morneau and many more familiar faces.

The Town Talk menu they'll be serving includes the kitchen sink burger, brat burger, onion rings and brunch favorites like the classic fried egg sandwich and the pulled pork pepper hash.

The one day reunion will take place this Sunday October 12th from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.