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Sparks Doubles Restaurant Size

The neighborhood eatery has always been cozy, but now it's a little easier to get a table.

Photo courtesy Sparks Facebook page

The adorably sized neighborhood restaurant, Sparks is beloved by fans for the wood fire kissed cuisine and laid back atmosphere. The only drawback has been the difficulty in finding a seat and reservations weren't available.

That has now changed with the addition of 50 extra seats. The expansion also allows for the restaurant to host private parties in the space.

Sparks first opened in the Bryn Mawr neighborhood in 2012 by Jonathan and Amor Hantous, who also own Rinata in Uptown. The center of the kitchen is a large wood-fire stove that they use to prepare much of the food, which includes pizzas, pita sandwiches and several small plates like baba ganoush and merguez sausage.

More good news, especially for those that prefer to plan ahead, Sparks is now accepting reservations.


230 Cedar Lake Rd S, Minneapolis, MN 55405 (612) 259-8943 Visit Website