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Cochon 555, Prestigious Pork Cooking Competition Is Coming to Minneapolis

The culinary world continues to notice that we're actually pretty awesome.

Pork jowl from chef Thomas Boemer of Corner Table
Pork jowl from chef Thomas Boemer of Corner Table
Joy Summers

For the first time in Cochon 555's seven year history, the prestigious culinary competition will make a stop in Minneapolis. The event pits five of the region's chefs, armed with five whole, heritage breed hogs against each other for a battle of the best. Attendees are treated to samples of all five dishes each chef creates, not to mention a heroic amount of wine and bourbon.

The event will take place Sunday March 1st. While the venue has yet to be announced, Corner Table has confirmed that chef Thomas Boemer, Eater's Chef of the Year, will be one of the competitors. As will the La Belle Vie's chef de cuisine Michael DeCamp.

30 days before the event, organizers will announce the official line-up of chefs. General Admission tickets are $150.