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GYST Fermentation Bar Hints at Black Friday Opening

Perhaps it should be called "Funky Friday."

GYST Fermentation Facebook Page

According to Tammy Kimbler of City Pages, it's possible that Eat Street's newest storefront, GYST Fermentation Bar is eyeing an opening just after Thanksgiving. The spot run by Ky Guse, Mel Guse, and Jill Mott will celebrate all things fermented. While the group is aware of the Portlandia-ness of the idea of a restaurant and store selling fermented anything edible. It's also clearly an idea whose time has come.

The idea was funding by a successful Kickstarter program that raised over $40,000 to make this bubbling dream a reality.

The aged digestibles like cheese, pickles, charcuterie, kombucha, coffee, wine, craft beer, kimchi and more. Inside the shop, instead of a bar, there's a kitchen-like countertop for guests to order cheese plates and talk about the products.

Inside the storefront, there will be tastings, classes and special events. The wine bar/cheese bar/beer bar/tasting room could open as soon as the Friday after Thanksgiving. Keep an eye on the Facebook page for details.


25 E 26th St, Minneapolis, MN 55404 (612) 758-0113