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Brews, Indifries and Tacos to Tempt You Inside East Lake Brewery & Tavern: Open Today

Brews and food available inside Midtown Global Market.

Open now in the Midtown Global Market is the latest craft brewery to make, well, beer, for Twin Citians that cannot seem to get enough.

Without a doubt, Eastlake Brewery adds some much need nightlife to the Midtown Global Market that otherwise thrives during the lunch-hour.  It's an excellent complement to The Rabbit Hole, located at the other end of the building.

Slinging American and European style beers the 75-seat taproom is decorated with taxidermy, reclaimed middle school gym floor tables, high-bar stools, and floor to ceiling glass windows, this brewery has a contemporary-industrial-rustic feel.

Photo by Theresa Swaney

With four beers, two kombuchas and one root beer on tap, owner and brewer Ryan Pitman seems to be covering all of the  beverage bases. The Increasingly Lost Saison is a traditional French saison, --fruity, light, and aromatic. Conversely, the Slop City Rye Stout, offers notes of smoky conifers, as the pine tree logo alludes to.

While you can have your choice of any dishes from the surrounding food stalls like Andy's Garage, Sonora Grill, Los Ocampo and the like, there are still food options available after hours. When Midtown Global Market closes in the evenings the nearest vendors will rotate staying open. That means Indurritos from Hot Indian, Mexican goodies from El Burrito Mercado and tortas from Manny's will rotate availability. Or, ring up Taco Cat and watch would-be bikers walk 100 yards from the Kitchen in the Market workspace to deliver you exactly what you need: tacos.

by Theresa Swaney