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Go on a Furious Bender inside new Surly's Beer Hall Opening Friday

The wait is finally over.

The brewery that we've all been waiting for will open open for business this Friday at 11 a.m.. While the popularity of craft brews has surged in recent years, there is only one brand that has cultivated a passionate following that borders on a beer fanaticism: Surly.

Owner Omar Ansari and head brewer Todd Haug will now be able to brew more fan favorites like Bender and Furious as well as the harder-to-track-down varieties like Darkness and Abrasive. When it's operating at full capacity, the brewery will fill more than 100,000 barrels per year (according to the Star Tribune).

Fans have anxiously waited to descend upon the beer hall that has risen inside Minneapolis' Prospect Park neighborhood.

It was Surly Brewing who led the charge in 2011 to change the state's laws regarding taprooms that has since opened the doors for a myriad of rooms to enjoy local beers around the Twin Cities.

Aerial View courtesy Surly's Facebook Page

The beer hall's menu was created by chef Jorge Guzman. The casual eats will complement the brews, but not necessarily be all beer inclusive. Salty, sweet munchie fans should note: there is a potato chip and kettle corn topped ice cream sundae. Oh yes, like all things with Surly, there is no place for subtly here.

The more formal restaurant and outdoor space will open later this year.

Surly Brewing Company

520 Malcom Ave. SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414