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BoneYard Passes Into History to Make Way for Salsa a La Salsa

Mexican eatery to open third location at the Kaskaid owned address.

Salsa a La Salsa Facebook Photo

The one-time Old Chicago space that has been home to Boneyard for the last year will soon undergo renovations. Lorenzo Ariza will open his third Salsa A La Salsa location. Ariza is partnering with Kaskaid Hospitality, who own the building.

Salsa A La Salsa's original location is on Nicollet Avenue just outside of downtown Minneapolis. They also operate A la Salsa, a full service restaurant inside Midtown Global Market. This is Mexican cuisine cooked with heart, with an array of deeply flavorful and sometimes spicy sauces. When they first opened on Nicollet Mall, few restaurants boasted this kind of slow-cooked, labored over Mexican cuisine.

Joy Summers

Photo by Joy Summers

Boneyard made its debut to mixed reviews last year with a menu peppered with (later toned down) down-home country slang. Fans of the Southern fare have just a few days left to enjoy the menu.

Renovations are scheduled to begin December 24 with an opening of January 2015 scheduled for Salsa a La Salsa.

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