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Top Critics Sum Up 2014 in Just One Word

Which of these wordsmiths can stick to just one word?

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As is the tradition at Eater, our closeout of the year is a survey of friends, industry types and bloggers. For our first question, friends of Eater weigh-in on their top restaurant, biggest regrets and addresses most searched on their Google Maps.

Q. Describe 2014 in a word.

James Norton, editor of Heavy Table and author of the "Wendigo's Credit Card." "Taprooms."

Stephanie March senior food editor Mpls. St. Paul Magazine. "#suspantuous (which is a word I just made up to mean when my waist-band is digging into my gut, but I am still compelled to eat more.) "

Jason DeRusha anchor, WCCO; contributing editor Mpls. St. Paul Magazine. "Gavintastic."

Jessica Flemming food critic, Pioneer Press. "Busy."

Mecca Bos, food critic City Pages. "Explosive."

Josie Franske, editorial assistant Minnesota Monthly. "Jam-packed. The number of restaurants that opened this year was unreal."

Joy Summers, editor Eater Minneapolis. "Crafty. The most printed word on any press releases this year. Please note, rail vodka and sweet vermouth do not a craft martini make."

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