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Lenny Russo Revamping Heartland Market

A Lowertown deli is on the make.

Joy Summers

As the new ballpark takes shape kitty corner from Heartland, chef and owner Lenny Russo is eyeing the future of the neighborhood. With the influx of grab and go eaters, he's changing the market attached to his restaurant in anticipation of those needs.

Beginning January 1st the market will be temporarily closed for renovations. The produce at the front of the room will go, as will the fish case (goodbye, glorious trout). The added room will make way for additional seating.

The ever-changing menu of seasonal sandwiches, hot deli and pastry items will expand. Service will continue to be at the counter, but it will be much easier to eat your wild mushroom pâté sandwich in peace nearby.

Fret not charcuterie lovers, the meat cases will stay as will the retail offerings that include house-made jams, pickles, Dogwood coffee by the pound and more. Expect an expanded offering of sausages, right in line with what Saint Paul Saints fans will likely be craving.

Russo says that the market will undergo a name change and it's currently being called "Heartland Sausage Company."

If all goes smoothly, the new market is expected to open in April of 2015.

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