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Tyler Shipton Says So Long to Borough and Coup d'etat

One of the original chefs moves on to the next stage of his career.

Joy Summers

When Borough first opened on a chilly winter night, there were two men leading the kitchen, but both insisted that the crew working inside the restaurant were one, solid team. Neither wanted a promotional picture taken without including everyone. In the ensuing years that team has spread its wings, opening Coup d'etat and Marché. The kitchens were all led on some level by the original two, Tyler Shipton and Nick O'Leary. Now, Shipton has made the decision to leave the Jester Concepts crew.

Shipton came to Borough from several well known kitchens, including working at Porter and Frye with Steven Brown (now of Tilia), Travail and Obento-ya. In a statement Shipton said, "I love being a chef and I am proud of my professional experience." However, he has made the professional decision to step away from the kitchen. "I am ready to take some time off to travel, to explore and to be further inspired to share that experience in my cooking."

Meanwhile, Nick O'Leary, a part-owner in the company, will remain at the helm of those kitchens and supporting the team who works within them.


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