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Take a Look at Erik Anderson's Pop-Up Tasting Menu

Mpls.St.Paul Magazine's Stephanie March and Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl were both at returning-star-chef Erik Anderson's pop-up dinner at Haute Dish last night, according to their Instagram and Twitter accounts, @stephaniemarch and @DearDara. Anderson was formerly the chef de cuisine at Sea Change (and also cooked at Porter & Frye and the now-closed Auriga) before he left the Cities to open Nashville's much-acclaimed Catbird Seat. He announced that he was returning to Minneapolis in December and is planning to open his own restaurant in the Cities, focusing on French technique.

Putting the two accounts together gives us eleven out of the twelve course for the $200/person tasting menu (if you were there, feel free to comment with additions/corrections):

To see photos of any of the dishes listed, head over to March's Instagram or Moskowitz Grumdahl's Twitter.

· Quail egg in warm ham broth
· A "hand" salad with herbs, roast grapes, apples, and Japanese mayonnaise
· Mini Alsatian tart
· Smoked scallop crudo with pastrami spice and rye
· Monkfish liver, ponzu gelee, avocado, and trout roe (paired with a Manhattan)
· Cod poached in duck fat with charred onion broth and broccolini
· Roast pigeon, preserved cassis berries, pinecone syrup
· Veal pot au feu with sourdough broth
· Fried pretzel with Gruyson cheese, bacon, beer powder, cornichons, and honey
· Bean custard and Nueske's bacon, served in an eggshell
· Burnt sugar and rosemary pudding with "some goddamn delicious crumbles" (according to Dara)

The wine included Oregon's Adelsheim Vineyard (a 2011) and Domaine Serene (a 1992). Erik Anderson will be cooking another pop-up at Haute Dish on February 18th.
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[Photo: Nashville Scene]


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