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Gunshot Fired at St. Paul Restaurant, Pupraya Thai

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A shot was fired into the air outside of the St. Paul restaurant Pupraya Thai late Sunday night, reports the Pioneer Press. According to the article, St. Paul resident Shoua Vang—the boyfriend of Pupraya Thai's owner—fired the shot straight up in the air to scare away an unwanted customer. After the police arrived, they said they saw a man who appeared to be nervous about the presence of the police and quickly left the bar area for the kitchen; they found Vang in the kitchen cooler.

Vang did not have a permit to carry the firearm, and he was charged with felony possession of a pistol without a permit.
· St. Paul Restaurant Owner's Boyfriend Fired Shots in Air to Clear the Bar, Charges Say [Pioneer Press]

[Photo: Trip Advisor]

Pupraya Thai

945 Rice St. St. Paul, MN