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Here are 9 Pizza-Related Missed Connections

Photo: Element PIzza, the location of a recent missed connection, Trip Advisor

Last week, we asked for your pizza delivery horror stories, but it seems that not one single strange thing has ever happened during a pizza delivery in the Twin Cities ever. So instead, to wrap up Pizza Week 2014, we turn to that most amazingly wonderful (and surprisingly pizza-filled) section of Craigslist: Missed Connections.

Here, collected, are all of the current pizza-related Missed Connections from Minneapolis's Craigslist site, ranging from Brooklyn Park to Burnsville to Eau Claire, Wisconsin. They include a few delivery people, a petticoat-wearing lady at Pizza Ranch in Shakopee, and one genuinely heart-warming story from a single dad at Papa Murphy's on Valentine's Day.

And hey, if any of these descriptions ring a bell, pass them on and help make some pizza love happen.

· The Old Broadway Pizza - w4m - 99 (Eau Claire)
"I came into the restaurant/bar on 1/17 and sat in a booth in the bar area with a gentleman, while I was there we caught each others eyes you were our bartender and waiter. You have dark colored hair and you looked really hot!!

Get back to me. My fingers are crossed that hopefully you see this."

· Domino's Delivery Dude - w4m - 22 (Eau Claire)
"I ordered a pizza last night and wrote that the cutest delivery guy should deliver it. I wasn't expecting too much from Dominos but I was pleasantly surprised that my special instructions were complied with. You were very cute! I should have been more forward and invited you in. I know you were still on the clock but I wouldn't have kept ya too long ;) If it's you and you'd like to deliver something to me again and get a different sort of tip then reply back with how much I gave you for a $tip."

· Element Pizza - m4m - 23 (NE Minneapolis)
"You work here. You wear glasses. I came in tonight for a pizza and a few beers. If you are reading this, you likely know who I am. I think you are astonishingly attractive, and I would like to get to know you. 'Cheers.'"

· Robbinsdale Papa Murphy's V-Day - m4w (Robbinsdale 36th)
"To the Lady who bought my heart shaped pizza and cookie dough:
I got to the front of the line and the card I was using was one they didn't accept. I had waited in a long line and was on the way home from work to celebrate Valentine's day with my daughter. I was super embarrassed, and was about to run to the ATM - YOU paid for our dinner.. My daughter thanks you and so do I!! I should have asked your name or for your number. If you see this.. Dinner on me! As a single father things like this never happen and I am grateful. There are good people in this world!"

· Pizza Hut delivery guy - m4m - 21 (Microtel)
"God you are hot, you can come back to my room anytime, you delivered around 1030 tonight...tell me what kind of shirt I had on"

· pizza ranch shakopee - m4w
"to the absolutely stunningly beautiful brunette girl walking out of pizza ranch on thursday with black jacket/ petticoat... i wish i had at least asked you your name... i cant get you outta my head. you were so incredibly beautiful. i had the cheesy smile and the broken wrist. i asked how your day was going, or something like that, as we passed on the sidewalk. if you see this, write me! it would be my pleasure to take you bowling or to the zoo or something. maybe even get a pizza!"

· Lori at Costco - m4w (Burnsville)
"We were both in line to get some food at the counter around noon, you ordered the pizza and churros, and had a flatbed of groceries. I noticed that you weren't wearing a ring, but I was too lame to ask if you were available for coffee or a drink some time. I was the tall guy, I let you go in line in front of me...well, you were there first......"

· Kwik Trip on Nobel Ave - Joe - m4m (brooklyn park)
You were in the store today around 7pm talking to the clerk eating your pizza boy I want you bad your cute as hell I ask my friend to get the scoop on you you gave her an answ I told her to give you my Number next time tell me what u do for work that night so i know it is you

· M looking for J - m4w (bloomington, mn)
"We met outside the hotel having a cigarette. Chatted a bit then took the elevator to our rooms where we exchanged names. I was going to ask if you wanted to share a drink but you were waiting on pizza. I was hoping to see you outside again but missed you.

If you read this and would like to share a drink and some good conversation message me back and put the name of the hotel in the subject line.

Not sure if I will find you here but thought I would give it a try.


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