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Louie's Wine Dive Coming to Uptown in Early May

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Featuring "big pours" and dishes like lobster poutine, a Minneapolis location of Louie's Wine Dive is coming to 800 Lake St. (at the corner of Aldrich Ave.) in early May, reports Southwest Journal. What's with the trademark "big pour"? It's six ounces, which means Louie's pours about four glasses per bottle. Another trademark Louie's move is opening any bottle, no matter the price, with the purchase of two glasses; the remaining wine is listed on an ever-changing deal-of-the-day chalkboard at a discount. "We try to take the pretentiousness out of wine," Corey Gonzalez, of Louie's Wine Dive Management, told Southwest Journal.

The not-quite-a-chain already has locations in Des Moines, Kansas City, and Omaha, but each location is locally owned. The Minneapolis menu isn't available yet on the restaurant's website, but the Kansas City menu includes dishes like that lobster poutine, four pork gnocchi with La Querica prosciutto, and more.

The upcoming Minneapolis location will be located on the ground floor of the Blue Apartments, with approximately 100 seats, plus a 24-seat patio on Aldrich. The "wine dive" will be located just one block from Spill the Wine, which moved to Uptown from its downtown location last year.
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[Photo: Louie's Wine Dive Facebook Page]

Louie's Wine Dive

800 W. Lake St. Minneapolis, MN