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Is Kim Bartmann Opening a Loring Park Restaurant?

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Looks like local restaurateur extraordinaire Kim Bartmann (owner of the Red Stag, Barbette, and Pat's Tap, among other spots) has her eye on opening a restaurant in the Loring Park space that formerly housed Café Maude at Loring (and before that, Nick & Eddie's). A tipster let us know that the Minneapolis Heritage Preservation Commission has a public hearing coming up on April 29th, and one of the items on the agenda is a proposal for the space at 1612 Harmon Place, filed by Domain Architecture and Design on behalf of Kim Bartmann.

According to the reports, the project name is Bauhuas Restaurant (apparently, the word "Bauhaus" is really having a Twin Cities moment). A letter from Domain Architecture and Design to the Historic Preservation Committee acknowledges the difficulties that other restaurants have had at the location:

"The use proposed is restaurant called the Bauhaus. Previous restaurants have failed at this location, and we are determined to understand why that is and propose a couple of alterations that are intended to maintain the prosperity of this historic structure."

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[Photo: Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal]

Bauhaus Restaurant

1612 Harmon Place Minneapolis, MN