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The Early Word on Brasserie Zentral: 'Glorious'

Photo: Katie Cannon/EAMPLS

This week in Week in Reviews, we're looking at the early word on Brasserie Zentral—the downtown restaurant opened a little more than a week ago by Meritage's Russell and Desta Klein—from two new Week in Reviews sources: TC Jewfolk and Chowhound.

First up, TC Jewfolk's Leora Itman didn't order a single foie gras item, but instead went for the white asparagus cream soup, quark spaetzle, and the kavelierspitz (Austrian boiled beef shoulder). The soup is "soft, decadent, delicious, and utterly gorgeous. A perfect starter"; the spaetzle is the "most delicious upscale mac 'n cheese you could imagine"; and the beef shoulder is "unreal."

Itman also lauds the atmosphere, describing the dining room as "lush" without being overwhelming, with extra props to the open kitchen seating, where she "watched Chef Klein and his team prepare meal after glorious meal." Her one quibble is the distance to the bathroom, but it's not enough of a complaint to have stopped her from already making another reservation for next week.

Over on Chowhound, a thread popped up starting with Brasserie Zentral's soft opening ("Truly exceeded expectations"). The most recent and thorough review on the site comes from ciepro on April 17, who went with a group of four and ordered a whole lotta foie gras, including the whole roasted chicken stuffed with foie gras and brioche and the foie gras sampler. Ciepro had a "wonderful experience" and writes, "The menu is fascinating; offerings that are fresh, intriguing, and unlike anything else here in the cities."
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Brasserie Zentral

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