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Cook St. Paul Coming Soon to St. Paul's East Side

In yet more East Side St. Paul news, Cook St. Paul—a modern, "Korean-influenced" diner—is set to open in the space formerly belonging to Serlin's Cafe on April 17. Co-owned by longtime friends Charles Cook and Eddie Wu, the restaurant will serve breakfast and lunch seven days a week and will likely add dinner later this year.

The restaurant's website is live, but there's no menu posted yet. A press release from the restaurant says the restaurant will offer "familiar" dishes like pancakes, omelets, salads, sandwiches, and burgers, as well as "signature" dishes like short ribs eggs benedict, Korean pancakes, and bi bim bop. The restaurant is placing an emphasis on locally sourcing everything from the signage to the ingredients; True Stone Coffee, Tea Source, Gray Duck Chai, Hope Creamery, and Flat Earth Brewing Company are a few of the local companies Cook St. Paul plans to feature.
· Cook St. Paul Official Website

[Photo: Cook St. Paul Facebook Page]


253 South 20th Street, , PA 19103 (215) 735-2665 Visit Website

Cook St. Paul

1124 Payne Ave. St. Paul, MN