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Taco Cat Delivering Late-Night Tacos, No Cats

The Twin Cities may not have a Cat Cafe yet, but Minneapolis is now home to Taco Cat, a taco bicycle-delivery service that appears to have nothing to do with cats other than the word "cat" in its name. Here's what can be garnered from Taco Cat's one-page website:

· Tacos, tacos, tacos: The menu is all tacos, only tacos. There's five kinds of tacos on offer, including the Taco Cat original steak (grilled bulgogi steak, pico de gallo, cilantro, Taco Cat creama sauce) and the bánh mì tacos (mock duck, pickled cucumber, carrot, and jalapenos, herbed mayo, and cilantro). Three per order, each order $8, no substitutions.

· Cash, credit, or barter: That's what it says, folks. Start thinking of your bartering options now.

· Delivery zone: Franklin Ave. to 40th St. and Hennepin Ave. to Cedar Ave.

· How to order: Call (612) 270-8007.

· Hours: Tuesday - Saturday, 6 p.m. to 1 a.m.

· Who are these people?: Not entirely clear, but from the handy map on their website, it looks like they're based in Powderhorn/Phillips.

· Other pressing questions, including "I'm drunk and what is this?," "Is it Tacocat or Taco Cat?," and "Are your tacos made from cats?" are answered in the FAQ section of the website.

· And, also from the FAQ, what Taco Cat has to say about whether they're a legally licensed business:


· Taco Cat Official Website

[Image: Taco Cat Website]