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Artisanal Toast Is Coming to Minneapolis

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Photo: Insert toasters here, Yelp

Artisanal toast is finally making its way to Minneapolis, reports Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl at Mpls.St.Paul Magazine. What is artisanal toast? It is, basically, toast, made out of good bread and served with good stuff on top. And according to Grumdahl, it will be touching down in Minneapolis in late June, when the Urban Bean on Bryant becomes Canteen, a restaurant from current UB staff member Liz Abene.

Abene already sells her baked goods at UB under the label Canteen Girl. When she takes over the space, she will apparently be setting up a few toasters and DIY toppings. The bread will come from a rotating line-up of the city's best bakeries.

Meanwhile, over on Facebook, Grumdahl's post asking whether readers are pro- or con- artisanal toast is drawing lots of responses, including one comment that seems to indicate the obvious next step of this trend: a toast truck.
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3255 Bryant Ave. S. Minneapolis, MN