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Republic Uptown Unveils New Super-Secret Bocce Courts

Just in time for the air-conditioning-sporting-season, Uptown craft beer bar and restaurant Republic has just opened two new bocce courts, which, according to their press release, "were constructed under extreme secrecy over the past few weeks."

In the press release, co-owner Matty O'Reilly says:

"Bocce is an ancient game, with origins dating back to at least 264 B.C. when Roman soldiers played between battles, but we prefer our version—in the comfort of Minnesota's finest craft beer bar. Playing bocce requires skill, fitness, strategy and cunning, all characteristics we frequently see in Republic's customers, so this is a natural match."

The courts are open every day, first come, first serve, or for reservations by companies, organizations, and "other random groups of bocce aficionados."
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[Photo: Our Uptown]

Republic Uptown

3001 Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis, MN