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LTD Brewing Company Taproom Officially Open, Living the Dream in Hopkins

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LTD Brewing Co.
725 Mainstreet, Hopkins
Phone: (952) 938-2415
Status: Certified Open

This past Saturday, LTD Brewing Co. (which stands for Live the Dream) opened its taproom doors in downtown Hopkins. The brewery, located in a space once occupied by a flower shop, was founded by Jeremy Hale and Blake Verdon who are college friends and home brewers. According to LTD's Facebook page, the taproom selections on opening day were Nightmare—an Irish dry stout (also available infused with cocoa and vanilla), No Shore IPA, Dream Girl American blond wheat, and Batch #1—an English brown ale. They also have hand crafted sodas available which includes a house made root beer. The City of Hopkins currently does not allow food trucks, but the taproom is located in close proximity to many restaurants, and bringing in food is strongly encouraged.

LTD's taproom hours are Wednesday 4 to 10 p.m., Thursday 3 to 10 p.m., Friday 2 p.m. to midnight, and Saturday noon to midnight.
· LTD Brewing Co. Facebook Page [Facebook]
· LTD Brewing Official Webpage

[Photo: LTD Brewing Facebook Page]

LTD Brewing Co.

725 Mainstreet Hopkins, MN