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Check Out the All-Pork Menu at Terzo's New Porchetteria

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Photos: Claire Stanford/EAMPLS

Last week, Southwest wine bar Terzo Vino Bar (the third entry in Broders' mini-empire at 50th and Penn) opened the Porchetteria at Terzo Vino Bar, a daytime-only takeout window serving four kinds of porchetta sandwiches.

What is this porchetta? It's a kind of Italian pork roast, and at Terzo, that means pork belly and shoulder from Iowa's Fresh Air Pork, seasoned with fennel and garlic and slow-roasted until tender. Then the whole shebang is served up on a toasted ciabatta bun with four different options for toppings.

The sandwich options:


Plus a few sides:


The Porchetteria at Terzo Vino Bar is open every day from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. for takeout.
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Broders' T3RZO Vino Bar

2221 W 50th Street, Minneapolis, MN 55410 612 925 0330 Visit Website

Porchetteria at Terzo Vino Bar

2221 W. 50th St. Minneapolis, MN

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