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Eat Street Buddha Kitchen, 3 Tiers Now Closed

Eat Street Buddha Kitchen.
Eat Street Buddha Kitchen.
Photo: Isabel Subtil

1) Whittier: Eat Street Buddha Kitchen closed abruptly at the beginning of the month. Former tenant Azia closed in 2010. [City Pages]

2) Nokomis: Neighborhood spot 3 Tiers Bakery and Bistro has shuttered after five years. The owners say that it "became too much of a time commitment" and had tried unsuccessfully to find a buyer. The restaurant will reimburse any gift cards with outstanding balances. [MSPBJ]

3) Demolitions: After 75 years, Stahl House has been demolished. The building's last iteration, El Pantano Plus, had its license revoked in 2011, and the half-acre lot is now ready to be sold and developed. []
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