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Shag Will Be Slinging Sushi Inside the North Loop

A swank sushi joint with a 70's Vegas vibe is slated to open inside the North Loop later this year. Shag is the brainchild of Michael McDermott, who also owns Rojo Mexican Grill in the West End and Southdale and Ling & Louie's Asian Bar, the chain with a forthcoming Nicollet Mall location.

Shag will be moving into a 3,000 square foot space inside 730 Washington Avenue North Unit 140 and will have 114 seats. Cuningham Group Architects and lead designer Greg Houck will create a room that blends a polyester vibe with modern sensibilities into a sushi restaurant and full bar.

The space that's across the street from The Freehouse and on the same block as Borough and Parlour is currently under construction. It should to be open before the end of the year.
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730 Washington Ave. N. Unit 140 Minneapolis