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Joe's Garage Space to Be Reborn for 2015

Much has changed since the collaboration between Joe's Garage and Butcher & the Boar was first announced. Butcher & the Boar had a change in the partnership and kitchen. The Joe's Garage renovations became a much larger project than was originally anticipated. The restaurant is still happening and today chef Peter Botcher of Butcher & the Boar confirmed the plans are on track to open in early 2015. Which means we should have the return of that glorious rooftop patio for next summer, plus an entirely new menu of Botcher's making to enjoy.

Joe Kaplan, the owner of Joe's Garage, closed the restaurant in March of 2013, but made it clear that the intention was to breathe fresh life into the sixteen-year-old restaurant. At the time Jack Riebel (now of The Lexington) was leading the project and had planned to open the restaurant as the Triton, which would feature seafood dishes with a vodka-based bar program. Scratch all of that entirely.

At the end of last year, Riebel stepped away from Butcher & the Boar and Peter Botcher, his longtime sous chef— the namesake butcher and lead of the sausage program— took the helm.

As Botcher puts together the kitchen team for the as-of-yet unnamed project, he will continue to oversee operations at the award-winning Butcher & the Boar. He says the menu will feature, "American craft chicken and fish."

Major renovations continue to be made to the building. They have been hard at work building an entirely new subterranean kitchen.
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Unnamed Joe's Garage Replacement

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