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Ian Gray on the End of the Gray House and Forthcoming Food Truck The Curious Goat

Photo courtesy Ian Gray

On July 31, chef and owner Ian Gray of Lyn/Lake's The Gray House served his last meal inside the restaurant. For many chefs, the shuttering of an eponymous restaurant might mean the end of being your own boss. This won't be the case for Gray, who has already announced his next adventure: his food truck The Curious Goat will soon be open for business.

"We will be the Sociable Cider Werks resident food truck," said Gray. The decision came to him while sitting inside the parking lot at the bank. The math of gathering up capital to invest in a new restaurant space, build it out and turn a profit didn't add up. That was when he decided to answer the call of the mobile food business. For considerably less money, a tangerine colored trailer and a red pick up truck to pull it were purchased.

Things are coming together quickly and Gray hopes to be able to set up outside of Sociable Cider Werks some time this fall on days that the taproom is open. (Right now, that's Thursday through Sunday.) He'll stay as far into winter as he can take it. Plans for other locations are still in the works.

The menu will feature a rotating selection of tacos, sausage and something pulled. He'll be crafting those options out of a selection of meats and vegetarian options. And yes, for those out there wondering, the goat will be back. He will again team with Singing Hills— only this time, he's going to be purchasing entire animals to break them down to utilize every piece. There will also be locally sourced pork and beef.

"We're also going to always have a vegetarian/vegan option," said Gray. "It's not just going to be some tofu/seitan something. We're really going to put focus on those dishes." There will also be gluten-free friendly preparations.

Plus, there will be goat cheese curds be served with an apple cider reduction.

Gray will announce their first full menu in the next week or so, via the Facebook page.
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