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Ramen Massive Attack Unites Best US Ramen Chefs in Minneapolis

Soup isn't usually something to get all that excited about. However, mention ramen, the endlessly labored over, obsession-inspiring bowl of broth and noodles, and now you have everyone's attention. Last year Ramen Attacks drew a massive crowd to Zen Box Izakaya as they celebrated their anniversary with world-renowned ramen chefs. This year they will do it all again, but bigger. More room, more chefs and more ramen. There will even be ramen burgers direct from Smorgasburg in Brooklyn. That's right, the national craze where ramen noodles act as bun is coming to the Twin Cities.

The ramen burger is the creation of chef Keizo Shimamoto, who will be flying in from New York to participate. He's not the only chef making the journey. Chef Jack Nakamura of the highly anticipated Ramen Lab in Manhattan along with his business partner Kenshiro Uki from Sun Noodles will also be in preparing ramen for the crowds.

Winging in from the south is Mihoko Obunai, known as the best ramen chef in Atlanta.

However, this event isn't only for the out of town chefs to show off their brothy handiwork. Chef and co-owner of Zen Box Izakaya, John Ng will serve a special vegan ramen using egg-free noodles from noodle-authority Sun Noodles.

Plus, because you know they love a pop-up, Travail Kitchen and Amusements will be preparing a ramen dish.

Many who attended last year's event will remember the long, snaking lines for ramen, so organizers have made several changes this year to facilitate faster service times. For one, the event has moved to the Mill City Museum. They are also selling early bird tickets for $30 for first dibs on the ramen line, available here.

Even when not waiting patiently for a bowl, there will be plenty for attendees to do with chef demonstrations from Ann Kim of Pizzeria Lola and Tammy Wong of Rainbow Chinese.

For the ears and eyes, music will be provided by Solid Gold, Crankshaft & The Gear Grinders, Mu-Daiko (Japanese Drums) and Seven Dragons Kempo Karate group will be demonstrating the art of 'Tameshigiri', the Japanese sword art of cutting rolled bamboo mats with a single strike.

More details will continue to be announced as the Sunday September 28th, the date of the event, draws near. Also, because September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month, organizers have decided to donate the net proceeds to the Children's Cancer Research Fund.
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