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New Food Trucks To Catch Before The Snow Comes

This year has been extraordinary for new food trucks hauling tons tasty verve around the streets of Minneapolis and St. Paul. As the cold weather snaps, we're reminded that there isn't much time to taste them before the season is over.

An array of dishes from Peeps Hotbox
An array of dishes from Peeps Hotbox
Courtesy Peeps Hotbox

Follow Peeps Hotbox for tasty, inspired street cuisine  - Photo courtesy Peeps Hotbox

Peeps Hotbox - This truck brings the pretty. From the artfully painted exterior of the truck, to the plate to the stomach: this is a lovely way to lunch (or celebrate happy hour while at a local brewery.) The dishes range from warm-you-from-the-inside-out Thai beef stew, huaraches, BLT's made with Thielen Meats bacon and blistered, crispy cream cheese wontons. The menu follows the chef's inspiration and whatever is fresh at the market. It's a trail you'll be happy to follow.

Tru Pizza, a truck with a wood-fired pizza oven on board - Photo courtesy Tru Pizza

Tru PizzaGreat pizza begins from the bottom up and a slice can't amount to much of anything without a great crust. Tru Pizza's is a bubbled, yeasty dough with just enough chew to give your teeth satisfaction. Topped with a lacey, light layer of cheese and choice ingredients are all baptized by the wood-fire oven stationed inside the truck. Ingredients are carefully sourced like the meats from Northern Waters Smokehaus and farmers market fresh tomatoes.

Lush and verdant salads and wraps - Photo Courtesy Green + the Grain

Green + The Grain Mobile Eatery - It's easy to read a "wrap" on a menu and conjure images of less-than-idea lunch delivery systems, but it doesn't have to be that way. Green + The Grain use the freshest of vegetables harvested at their peak and tuck them into a cozy little bed graced with made from scratch dressing. Top it all off with a choice of proteins like a tender, blush pink centered beef tenderloin or a zesty marinated ahi tuna. All wraps are also available as a salad. For dessert they also serve Cloud Top frozen yogurt, which totally makes any salad a rounded out meal. (It's not dessert, it's healthy.)

You wont' walk away hungry, that's for sure. - Photo courtesy Vin's Italian

Vin's Italian - Now is the approaching time of our winter of discontent. Now is when we crave the comfort foods to fill out those cable-knit sweaters. Nothing could satisfy more fully than a spicy, hot Italian beef. A split roll, stuffed with tender, low and slow roasted beef, snappy giardiniera all doused in beef jus. It might make for a forty-napkin curbside affair, but it is a tastebud love for the ages.  Other Italian comforts that this truck is dishing out includes fried eggplant, Kramarczuk's sausages with sauteed peppers and a right proper meatball sub.

A taste of the tropics to kick off October in Minnesota. Photo by Joy Summers

Filius Blue - A little Caribbean flavor can kick that cold weather out of your bones and the hot sauces aboard this truck aren't fooling around. Although possessing a glorious depth from flavor with nuances of garlic and floral pepper bite, these flavor enhancers will are also capable of making the backs of your eyelids sweat. It's the perfect antidote to a bitter fall wind. Grab one of their tacos with both hands and feast upon the tender meat, crispy veggies, welcome creamy cheese and a beautiful mess of peppers. If it's not hot enough for your taste, they always have extra hot sauce on board.