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Restaurants on the Move: Rainforest Cafe, Solomon's Bakery, Digby's and Mon Petite Cheri News

These eateries are on the move.

Joy Summers

Digby's: The erstwhile Eat Shop has shuttered in Plymouth (the restaurant changed the name last summer). The scratch-cooking, suburban eatery closed the doors to the first location over the holidays. The Roseville location continues to buzz with burgers, pizzas and the hungry mall-going masses.

Check the new sign! Photo courtesy Mon Petit Cheri Bakery Facebook page

Mon Petite Cheri: Minneapolis Farmers Market fans will recognize this diminutively named bakery. The bakery has found a permanent home in the Seward neighborhood. The sign just went up and the new place at 2401 Franklin Avenue should open soon.

Solomon's Bakery: In other bakery news, Solomon's Bakery has shuttered its Uptown location and moved over to 1085 Grand Avenue in St. Paul.

Rainforest Cafe: The Elephant stampede is moving to a different part of the Mall of America. The tropically themed, stroller bait eatery is relocating from the first floor up to the third floor. The original location has already shut down. The new spot is expected to open this fall.

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