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Headline Predictions for 2015 From the Twin Cities Top Food Writers

What is coming in the new year.

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As is the tradition at Eater, our closeout of the year is a survey of friends, industry types and bloggers. For our first question, friends of Eater weigh-in on their top restaurant, biggest regrets and addresses most searched on their Google Maps.

Q. What was your single best meal of 2014?

James Norton, editor of Heavy Table and author of the "Wendigo's Credit Card": "Craft spirits will boom at the rate of craft beer, and craft beer will start to have real growing pains - we'll start to approach saturation, and the entrance of half-prepared / solely commercially motivated entities will dampen the enthusiasm for the craze."

Stephanie March senior food editor Mpls. St. Paul Magazine. "Daniel Boulud “Pops-Up” at Spoon & Stable!

Saint Dinette ACTUALLY Opens!

Doug Flicker Wins James Beard Award!"

Jessica Fleming, food critic for the Pioneer Press. "More beer. More chef-driven restaurants. A return to less-elaborate, classic cocktails."

Jason DeRusha anchor, WCCO; contributing editor Mpls. St. Paul Magazine. "2015 will be the year of "FINALLY." Finally: the Corner Table Fried Chicken Restaurant Opens. Finally: Saint Dinette Opens. Finally: Jack Riebel and Josh Thoma team up to save Nye's."

Mecca Bos, food critic City Pages. "Minneapolis: Best, Most Collaborative Food City in America!"

Josie Franske, editorial assistant Minnesota Monthly. "Landon Lands on His Feet (I have high hopes for Nighthawks)

Yes, You’re Paying That Much for Toast

And something clever about fried chicken."

Joy Summers, editor Eater Minneapolis. "Fried chicken for Everybody! Revival and Brut open and duke it out for the best crusty, juicy bird bits around." (Assuming Brut has a weekend special with that hot fried chicken Erik Anderson serves. I can't continue to live without that in my life.)"