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Band Box Diner in Danger of Closing: Uptdated

The little burger spot is struggling.

Photo courtesy Band Box Diner Facebook Page

The cracker box sized classic diner is in need of a new grill. Unfortunately, business is just tenuous enough that the cost of replacing the equipment is enough that it could put them out of business permanently.

According to Wikipedia, the Band Box was built in 1939 and was a part of a local chain of Band Boxes in the 1950's. Of all the restaurants, this is the only one that remains. In 1998 the diner changed hands and was remodeled. In 2000 the building was designated a local landmark by the Minneapolis Heritage Preservation Commission.

The diner's 1985 Vulcan grill is beginning to fail and replacement parts are no longer being made. The diner has set up a Go Fund Me page saying that, "if it reaches the end of it's useful life, we are out of business."

Update: The $5,000 goal was reached overnight on Tuesday January 21st, but contributions are still being made. The diminutive space admitted that business has been sluggish lately and the hope was that word of the financial difficulties would draw fans in the doors.

Band Box Diner

729 South 10th Street, , MN 55404 (612) 332-0850 Visit Website