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Where Do the Pros Go?

Chefs and bartenders share where they go for a drink during their off hours.

Hanging out after hours at Tattersall
Hanging out after hours at Tattersall
Joy Summers

After a grueling day behind the hot stove or marbled bar, even the most seasoned professionals need to unwind. Some nights, that calls for a couple of cocktails.

Well deserving of any and all accolades they receive.

Steven Brown, Chef and owner of Tilia, relies on Britt Tracy at Heyday for a great after-work drink. The cocktails at Tattersall, by Dan Oskey, are on his list as well. "Dan Oskey is so talented" he said. "And one of the nicest guys in our business."

For her part, Britt Tracy who leads the innovative bar program at Heyday, likes Lyn65 in Richfield, as well as Gyst Fermentation Bar, which is known for pushing the boundaries of all things fermented.

Tattersall Distilling Bar cr Joy Summers Joy Summers/Eater Twin Cities

Jeff Erikkila, the bar chef at Constantine is also a huge fan of Tattersall. "Dan, Bennet and Tim are all amazing and well deserving of any and all accolades they receive!"

I do not drink that much, but when I do, I prefer to be in the hands of an expert.

Erik Forsberg, owner of downtown Minneapolis' Devil's Advocate likes to head to the downtown Minneapolis Bulldog. "They're the quintessential neighborhood bar with solid food, great staff, beer and cocktails. It's unpretentious and comfortable."

Jack Riebel, Culinary Director for Il Foro and Paddy Shack, the restaurant within the beloved St. Paul bar Half Time Rec, keeps it closer to home when he is off the clock.  He enjoys a cocktail or two at Marvel occasionally, "but otherwise I drink at Half Time Rec," he explained. The chef is also partial to dive bars, and known to hit Skinner's Pub also in St. Paul.

Inside Marvel Bar. Photo courtesy of Marvel's Facebook page

Inside Marvel Bar. Photo courtesy of Marvel's Facebook page

Gavin Kaysen, Chef and owner of Spoon and Stable, doesn’t stray far from his home turf either. "I usually walk across the street to the Marvel bar," he said. "I do not drink that much, but when I do, I prefer to be in the hands of an expert, and Marvel bar is filled with them."

Jesse Held, oversees the beverage programs for Jester Concepts that includes Parlour, Borough, Marche, Coup d'etat and Constantine, agrees that Marvel is the current standard for innovative cocktails programs in the Twin Cities, but he mostly likes to keep his after-hours drinking simple. "People always ask me what I drink when I go out as they watch me make something super involved or read my menu of unidentifiable ingredients," he said. "I'm super easy when it comes to imbibing. I like cheap beer and a shot of amaro if it's after dinner, or a shot of good bourbon anytime." And he still loves the Monte Carlo for its nostalgic  ‘throw-back elegance’ and killer wings.

additional reporting by Joy Summers

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