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Vincent A Restaurant to Shutter at the End of 2015

Vincent Francoual will close his restaurant after 14 years in downtown Minneapolis.

It's the restaurant that gave us the iconic Vincent burger, stuffed with smoked Gouda and short ribs. It's the place where many a noontime power lunch was held. The wine selection educated many a diner and "Le Grand Fromage" was there to oversee it all. Now, the chef says it is time for a new chapter in his life. Francoual told the Star Tribune, ""Business is OK; we’re doing OK. We’re not running out of cash and have to close this week. It’s not that. This is a personal decision."

When we spoke to the chef at last Sunday's Oysterfest he was in great spirits, perhaps because he knew a new adventure was around the corner.

Although, he is a Frenchman, Franacoual is kind enough to do us the honor of a proper Minnesota goodbye. The extended farewell will last through December 31, which will mark the restaurant's last dinner service. Yes, there is still time for a couple more servings of cassoulet.

Vincent A Restaurant

1100 Nicollet Mall, Minneapolis, MN 55403 (612) 630-1189 Visit Website