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Five Things to Know about The Commodore Opening Tomorrow

The art deco decor is ready to dazzle again.

Katie Cannon

Bootleggers Booze Program. the cocktails are being created by Christa Robinson who says that every bottle behind the bar can be found within a days drive of The Commodore. Each cocktail on the menu is carefully crafted with weight given to the ingredients, customers and the era of the restaurant. She describes them as restrained cocktails: good ingredients with no fuss.

Get the spirit in you. Don't know the difference between Crooked Water and Border bourbon? Been wondering about the difference between the Vikre gins? This is the spot to sample them all. The Commodore will offer spirit flights on boards from Wood in the 'Hood especially carved for the bar.

Don't let the abundance of crystal fool you - this is not fine dining. The prices will be affordable while the dishes will still draw on a little glamour. Deviled eggs will be stuffed with lobster salad. So, while it's fancy, it's still finger food. That's the balance.

Local Toast. Whenever possible, chef Chris Gerster is working with local farmers for ingredients. Peterson Limousin beef and Fischer Farms pork are being used in the dishes that are inspired by turn-of-the-century cuisine given a modern twist. Toast was as popular in the twenties as it is in Brooklyn now. Look for crusty bread topped with burrata and cured meats.

Your spot awaits. Parking, the street parking can be tight in this area, but The Commodore has one of the few parking lots in the area. It should be easy for guests to get in and out.

The Commodore at 79 Western Avenue North, Saint Paul opens for dinner tomorrow, October 27.