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Ramen Kazama, SotaRol, the Greek Grill and The Fremont in the Food News Cribsheet

All the food news you need to know

Photo courtesy Ramen Kazama Facebook page

The noodle devoted restaurant on Nicollet is just about ready to open. Ramen Kazama has announced they are opening this weekend. Yes, ramen is ready for the slurping all November long. The restaurant will be helmed by former Fuji Ya chef Matthew Kazama and business partner . Early word is that the soft openings have been delicious.

SotaRol is also nearing opening. They were hoping to throw open the doors early next week. Although, Heavy Table hedges its bets on the idea behind the fast casual restaurant: burrito meets sushi by way of Minnesota.

Downtown gyro lovers have something to look forward to. Greek Grill is making its return the skyways after vacating its City Center space. The restaurant will return Northstar Center between Subway and Kikugawa sushi. No opening date has been announced yet.

The Fremont has taken over the former Bar Abilene location. It's run by the same team behind The Lyndale Tap and neighboring Hammer & Sickle.