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The Ultimate Brunches to Extend the Weekend Fun

Turn back the clock this weekend for an extra hour of bloody Mary fun.

Photo courtesy Ward 6 Facebook page

With Halloween landing on Saturday this year, there is no reason why the party should end when the trick-or-treating is done. Enter: The Boozy Brunch (slutty Kim Davis costume optional.)

An eye opener at Icehouse. Photo courtesy Icehouse Facebook page

An eye opener at Icehouse. Photo courtesy Icehouse Facebook page

Ice House

We all know and love Ice House’s Bloody Homer, which is adorned with a cute little donut, but Halloween calls for a little more oomph. Freak the kids out and order the Bloody Laphroaig, a house-made bloody splashed with peaty, smoky Laphroaig Scotch and topped with a duck leg and a pickled egg. A duck. Leg.

The Strip Club

If you regret skipping that tiny doughnut at Ice House, fear not. Make your way across the river to The Strip Club for some of their haus made donuts (while supplies last, so no doddling.) And since you drove all that way, how about a cocktail? The Cobra Kai is deliciously dangerous, with Kilo Kai Rum, Habanero Bitters and house-made sour. Pairs great with steak. And doughnuts.

Them Changes at Hola Arepa. Photo by Alex Lodner

Them Changes at Hola Arepa. Photo by Hola Arepa

Hola Arepa

Second runner up in this year’s Iron Bartender competition, Hola Arepa brings it when it comes to boozy brunches. Since Iron Bartender’s winner, La Belle Vie, is tragically no longer with us, it appears Hola Arepa is the place to go for a cocktail fueled brunch. Try their seasonal horchata, which currently blends Plantation Barbados Rum with horchata, cinnamon syrup, lime juice, bitters and orange flower water. Another tantalizing autumnal is a concoction called Them Changes made with Capel pisco, lemon juice, pear liqueur, cinnamon syrup and spice bag bitters.

The Happy Gnome

Three words: Bloody Mary Bar. At Happy Gnome, you are in charge. Your server will bring a glass with celery salt and vodka and you do the rest. Choose from a few house-made mixes and pick your toppings from a variety of cheeses, pickles, olives, sausages and marinated veggies. Too much work? Try the Brown Jug Milk Shake with Black Eye Nitro Infused Cold Press, bourbon, cream liqueur and Frangelico, all shaken to a frothed fervor- no need to get out of your seat.


New to the brunch game, Burch has already gotten quite the rep for its ambitious spread, which includes cocktails for days. The Cure, a concoction of cold press coffee, Fernet Branca, Q-tonic and orange bitters will ease even the harshest of sugar crashes.

Kimchee pancakes. Photo by Joy Summers

Kimchee pancakes. Photo by Joy Summers


Already the darling of the Kingfield neighborhood, relative newcomer Nighthawks offers a simple but satisfying brunch. Pair any of their classic brunchy entrees with The Hopper (get it? Hopper…Nighthawks…), a blend of Fulton’s Sweet Child of Vine with Petal & Thorn vermouth, Angostura bitters and a splash of grapefruit cordial.

Hell’s Kitchen

C’mon, the name alone warrants a post-Halloween visit. Their iconic Bloody Mary bar is now joined by an equally impressive Champagne Mimosa Bar, complete with a variety of juices, fruit, candy (‘cause clearly you have not had enough candy) and house-made syrups.

Ward 6

Ward 6 is well loved for it’s neighborhoody, Cheers-like atmosphere, and probably because they offer ice cream for breakfast - ice cream with booze. Try one of their adult milkshakes like Mom's Salted Caramel, made with Absolut Vanilla, dark cacao, caramel and a salted rim. So not like Mom used to make. At least not my mom, I can’t speak for yours.