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The Historic Commodore Bar Actually Announces Opening Date

After waiting years and years of the promised re-opening, the new era is finally nigh.

The glory is returning to The Commodore
The glory is returning to The Commodore
The Commodore Bar Facebook page

The promise of the dazzling art deco bar re-opening at the base of The Commodore in St. Paul's Cathedral Hill has been so long-coming that many believed it was dining urban legend. The presistent promise was that the space, which is affiliated with the University Club and W.A. Frost would one day be restored to the Gatsby-era glory and once again serve cocktails. The timeline was always "soon."

It would appear that "soon" has suddenly become nearly now. An invitation is circulating with the promise that The Commodore will be open to the public on October 27.

The Commodore's most famous customer would be one F. Scott Fitzgerald. In the speakeasy glory days of the building, he and Zelda were known for popping in for a few cocktails. In the 1980's the street-level bar was a prepster hot spot before closing. In the intervening years, there have been many nosed pressed up against the windows waiting for the space to once again welcome revelers.

Now, the only remaining question is, has the wait been worth it?