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Chris Gerster, Local Spirits and More Juicy News on The Commodore

Details are emerging about the long-awaited re-opening of the art deco bar in St. Paul.

Chris Gerster is the executive chef at The Commodore
Chris Gerster is the executive chef at The Commodore
Photo courtesy of The Commodore

It was 1984 when The Commodore bar at the base of the building of the same name on Cathedral Hill shuttered. In the ensuing years few space has largely laid dormant while the legend of the room grew. Now, the bar, lounge and restaurant will once again be open to the public.

Speaking of bar, the glittering mirrored surfaces will act as a showcase for locally distilled spirits like DuNord, 11 Wells, Far North, Norseman, Tattersall, Vikre, Bittercube and more.

Not all the talent and excitement is reserved for the bar. Perhaps the most intriguing bit of news is that Chris Gerster will act as executive chef. He's been spending his time of late at the University Club (also owned by Commonwealth Properties). However, the chef has an impressive resume that includes Graze in Madison and Red Stag, Restaurant Alma, Levain (in the fine dining days) and more.

His menu will be influenced by "early 21st century and early 20th century fine American cuisine and atmospherics." Does that mean penny steaks and gas lights? Wasabi mashed potatoes and Destiny's Child on the jukebox? Oysters Rockefellerand waistcoats? and Leave us your best guess in the comments!