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Eastside Launches Brunch This Weekend

Ready for the weekend
Ready for the weekend
Photo courtesy Eastside

As if we needed another reason to dream about moving into the Latitude 45 Building at 305 S. Washington Ave, Eastside delivers more enticement. Restaurateur Ryan Burnet's newest venture (Barrio, Bar La Grassa and Burch) with add chef Remy Pettus' newest menu: brunch. Eater Minneapolis has been given an exclusive first look at list of dishes that will launch weekend service this Saturday November 14.

Perhaps our collective anguish over the loss of a certain pastry cart can be assuaged by the pastry basket Eastside will piled with chocolate almond babka, pistachio financiers, apple danish and pumpkin muffins. There's vanilla blackberry French toast for the sweet tooth and double pork action of shoulder and bacon on a breakfast sandwich for the savory lovers.

Brunch will be served weekends, Saturday and Sunday from 10:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.