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Thanksgiving Pie Survival Guide

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Outsource dessert with these beauties.

This year, you’ve been upgraded from pickles and buns and have been assigned to bring desserts for the Thanksgiving table. Big step, except that pies are distressingly intimidating even for the most seasoned of bakers. And make no mistake, the people want their pie. Fret not, my friend, these eateries have you covered with their house made, divine pies that you can even, if so inclined, claim as your own. Your call.

Birchwood Café

Birchwood was at the forefront of the farm-to-table movement when Tracy Singleton opened it 20 years ago, and it shows in the gorgeous baked goods they produce.  Their holiday pies are made from scratch using organic butter and free-range eggs and other local, top quality ingredients like organic pumpkin and maple syrup or local apples and house made caramel sauce.

Around $25

Salty Tart

Remember all those long, chilly lines on Monday nights outside of Hola Arepa last November and December? Well, the Salty Tart's popular Power, Corruption and Pies pop up is returning for just one day, next Monday November 23 from 4:00 to 7:00 p.m. (or until they are gone). Pies are all first come first served and flavors on hand will include classic pumpkin, pumpkin chiffon, caramel apple and bourbon pecan pies. Not one for lines? The Salty Tart also offers classics available on order through the bakery.

All pies are $25

Sweet dreams. Photo courtesy Lucia's Facebook page.

Sweet dreams. Photo courtesy Lucia's Facebook page.


Singleton’s alma mater, Lucia’s, has long been the leader in the locally-sourced-organic-grown field.  Their tangy sweet apple pie uses local apples, and everything is made in house using organic ingredients. Sure, you can get a pumpkin pie, or a bourbon pecan, but why not really surprise the fam with their lush, flourless pumpkin cheesecake? You’ll never be relegated to the kid’s table again.

Around $25

Colossal Café

Three years ago, we moved on Thanksgiving, which could have been terribly depressing if it wasn’t for Colossal Café and their made from scratch Thanksgiving feast. Their pumpkin pies are a marvel, but the pecan really take the cake, with ooey-gooey innards and a perfectly golden pecan crown.

Available at all three locations, $14-$20

Colossal pecan pie.

Colossal pecan pie. Photo by Alex Lodner

Turtle Bread Company

The full-service deli offers breakfast and lunch items and houses a gourmet grocery store for those luxury items you just can’t live without. Year round, their pies are well known in the Twin Cities, but for Thanksgiving, you’ll need to order ahead if you want to snag one of their pumpkin, apple or bourbon pecan beauties to take home and impress your family.

Pies are $25.99, including $3 deposit for a returnable pie tin.

Apple Crumb from Cravin' Pie

Apple Crumb from Cravin' Pie

Cravin’ Pie

Cravin’ Pie has been making a name for themselves with their artisan hand held pies available at a variety of festivals and pop ups. For Thanksgiving, order a variety pack or stick with one flavor for a unique and individualized treat. The Thanksgiving Variety Pack, a dozen small, hand held pies, includes three apple crumb, three coconut macaroon, three chocolate pecan, and three pumpkin pies. Orders can be picked up on Wednesday Nov 25th from 3:00 -6:00 pm at Como Dockside.

Thanksgiving Variety Pack $48