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Chef Michael Solomonov Book Tour Dinner Stops at Spoon and Stable

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A taste of Israel in the North Loop.

Chef Michael Solomonov brings his book tour to Minneapolis
Chef Michael Solomonov brings his book tour to Minneapolis
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November 4  6:30 pm - 10:00 pm

Israeli born Michael Solomonov owns several esteemed eateries in Philadelphia, including Zahav (gold in Hebrew) and Dizengoff, which is named after one of the busiest hubs in Tel Aviv. James Beard Award-Winning chef Solomonov introduced Philly to modern Israeli cuisine, and now he is bringing this eclectic and surprising blend of culinary influences to the masses with his cookbook Zahav: A World Of Israeli Cooking. To promote the book, and introduce our fair cities to Israeli fare (hint: it’s more than hummus and falafel) Solomonov will be visiting his friend Gavin Kaysen’s restaurant Spoon & Stable and putting on a 4-course Mediterranean dinner featuring recipes from his cookbook. The meal will be served family-style and include wine pairings. Each guest will also receive a signed copy of Zahav.

“I am beyond thrilled to work with Michael for this dinner,” Chef Kaysen said. “Not only do I respect his work as a chef, but it will give my team and me an opportunity to learn about his cuisine. This is the food I crave: tabbouleh, haloumi, braised lamb shoulder - not only can I not wait to cook it, but I can’t wait to eat it."

The menu for the evening is: hummus, pita and laffa; haloumi; lamb shoulder and for dessert new school konafi with labneh.

“Hopefully the guests will take to it as much as we have and it will inspire someone in the Twin Cities to open something with an Israeli focus,” he added.

Solomonov and business partner Steve Cook have recently signed a lease on a highly desirable slice of real estate in New York’s Chelsea Market. It might be a while before their dynasty settles in our neck of the pines, but a flight to Philly or NYC is still much more doable than to Tel Aviv.

Spoon and Stable

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