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Shake Shack is Coming to the Twin Cities

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Danny Meyer's burger chain is set to open first Minnesota location at the Mall of America.

We're finally getting a Shake Shack!
We're finally getting a Shake Shack!
Shake Shack

We asked, begged and dreamed and now our collective burger prayers have been answered by Shake Shack. The national chain was dreamed up by restaurateur Danny Meyer and CEO Randy Garutti over coffee on a scrap of paper. The Union Square restaurant group (which includes Eleven Madison Park and Union Square Cafe among others in New York) decided to open a hot dog cart. The original idea included what the chain is famous for today, frozen custard, crinkle cut fries and burgers all made with quality ingredients.

Since opening the chain has spread to 60 locations and inspired a cult-like following.  In April of this year, we put out the call for the chain to open a store here, and today we received the news: Shake Shack is coming to the Mall of America's Culinary North in 2016.