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Caribou Coffee Is the First National Chain to Offer Nitro Coffee

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Nitrogen infused cold press coffee is quickly becoming the next big thing and cold brew enthusiasts are taking note.

Caribou Coffee

Minnesota-based Caribou Coffee will be the first ever national chain to launch Nitro Cold Press, a premium version of its cold press coffee, to two Twin Cities Caribou locations next month.

Just like in beer, the addition of nitrogen to cold press coffee creates very small bubbles in the beverage which results in a smoother, creamier experience and mouth-feel. Select Caribou stores will be outfitted with special keg refrigerators where customers can choose either regular cold press or nitrogen cold press, both served from a tap. The new nitro option infuses the cold brew instantly through patent pending technology from the tap, rather than pre-kegging the coffee with nitrogen. This creates a fresher, more consistent level of nitrogen infused into their house-made cold press coffee.

Ideally, customers will enjoy the nitro option in-house where the coffee is poured into a frosted pint glass and not over ice, this allows for the nitrogen to create a cascading effect, similar to Guinness Draught. For those on the go, the Nitro Cold Press will be served in a to-go cup that has been refrigerated to help keep the cold brewed coffee at prime temperature.

The specialty coffee and espresso retailer roasts their own blends of coffee out of their Brooklyn Center, Minnesota headquarters and has stores in 18 states as well as franchise locations in 10 countries. Caribou will begin to offer the premium, nitrogen option to its Brooklyn Center and St. Louis Park stores in December and then roll it out to more stores later in February of 2016.

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