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Heirloom Opens, Victory 44 Cuts Breakfast and More in the Food News Crib Sheet

The Coffee Bar is closed.
The Coffee Bar is closed.
Victory 44

Heirloom is now open in St. Paul's Merriam Park neighborhood. Chef and owner Wyatt Evans was the longtime chef at W.A. Frost before deciding to strike out on his own. The "modern farmhouse cuisine" is available for dinner alongside beer and wine Tuesday through Sunday.

In anticipation of the yearly slow-down, Prairie Dogs, the fantastically underrated sausage-centric restaurant in Lyn/Lake is trimming hours. They will no longer be open Mondays. Owner Tobie Nidetz was frank about the reason: business isn't as booming as they would like. So, if you love those dogs, get in and show some love.

Victory 44 is also trimming hours, but that might have more to do with their success. Chef/owner Erick Harcey is toiling away at the new Upton 43. However, we're shedding a tear for the loss of those weekday pastries and lattes. Weekend brunch, thankfully, remains intact.

One of the last tastes of old school St. Louis Park has closed up shop. Vescio's Cucina had been in business for over 31 years. The Dinkytown location remains open.

There's movement at Mucci! Tim Niver, of the Strip Club Meat & Fish and Saint Dinette brought out the big guns for kitchen staff training at his new Italian red-sauce restaurant. His mom came in to work with chef Chris Uhrich to teach him how to properly roll out those meatballs with plenty of love. The restaurant's now active on TwitterFacebook and Instagram.