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Six Things You Didn't Know About Scena Tavern, Opening Wednesday December 9

Uptown's newest hotspot is opening next week.

Scena Tavern

t's a well-known team of players putting this place together: Restaurateur Paul Dzunbar has pulled in Bill Summerville, perhaps best known as the front of house maestro and wine expert from La Belle Vie to consult on both of those fronts. Food & Wine Best New Chefs Jamie Malone and Erik Anderson have helped create the menu and train the kitchen staff. Bittercube Bitters, led by Nick Kosevich, designed the bar program. Chef Marc Paavola will run the kitchen on the day to day basis.

Gin program: it's a thing. The bar is stacked with glittering bottles, but a startling majority of those spirits are of the gin variety. Bittercube has assembled over 120 gins from around the world and in our backyard for the most comprehensive selection in town.

Specially garnished martini paired with shrimp crudo. Photo by Andy Lien

Specially garnished martini paired with shrimp crudo. Photo by Andy Lien

That martini is dressed up with somewhere to go. While seated at the crudo bar at the back of the restaurant, the martini is the drink to order. Alongside the pristine seafood selection are cold glasses of gin topped with aromatics that complement the subtle flavors. A few drops of saffron can transform the perfectly stirred drink into an ideal meal companion.

A hibiscus hued cocktail and a clock light thing. Photo by Andy Lien

That's not just an art installation, but a clock. Smart Associates designed the room and above the fireplace is an intermittently glowing art piece that will also function as a clock. We're sure it'll kick off at gin o'clock.

There's a bread service. Along with chestnut sourdough and pretzles studded with salt and caraway seeds is a sourdough made in the style of Tartine. "It's just my favorite thing in the whole world," gushed Malone.

Mark your calendar. The restaurant will open for dinner Wednesday December 9. Brunch service is planned to kick off the weekend of the 19th.