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Thom Pham Returns With New Woodbury Thanh Do

The always interesting restaurateur returns to his earliest concept for this new venture.

Thom Pham strikes again. You knew it was just a matter of time. But this go-around, things are different. It’s not a cavernous downtown party center (ahem, Wondrous) or some too cool for school DJ den (remember the Caterpillar Lounge?). And no, Azia is not coming back. Pham is looking to the thing he has always done well: Thanh Do.

The Woodbury location's sign is installed. Photo courtesy Thanh Do Facebook Page

The new location will open at 10060 City Walk Drive in Woodbury’s City Walk community. Though the space will certainly feel more modern than its SLP sister, Pham is sticking with the same menu. Eastsiders can now regularly tuck into Pham’s brand of Asian comfort foods, like spicy laab salads, oxtail steamed buns, curry-laden Singapore noodles and yes, those weirdly addictive cranberry cream cheese wontons.

One notable difference? The sprawling bar snatches up a lot of real estate, and cocktailing will purportedly be a bigger thing here—which makes sense, as the space sits amongst about one million apartments, condos and townhouses.

Thanh Do’s team is calling it a Minneapolis feel without the 20-minute drive—exciting news for Washington County. If all goes according to plan, they’ll be slinging ginger martinis and spring rolls by this weekend.

--by Molly Mogren