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Travail Sells Tickets for Nightly Dining Experience

The food revolutionaries inside Travail are taking dining to the next theatrical level.

Travail channels their inner Coyote Ugly for the 2015 Sexy Chefs Calendar
Travail channels their inner Coyote Ugly for the 2015 Sexy Chefs Calendar
Travis Anderson

It used to be that the only way to guarantee a table inside Robbinsdale's Travail Kitchen and Amusements was to either be a Kickstarter backer or line up outside the restaurant really early.

Slowly, the reservation requests have piling up and the chef/owners were simply getting tired of saying, "No," every  Saturday night to long lines of hungry customers wishing for a little table space. That was what led them to the decision to begin selling tickets.

The Travailians had already been toying with ticketing meals with weekend brunch service and pop ups on nights the restaurant would normally be closed. Beginning next Wednesday, February 18, tickets will be available through this site. Ticket costs will be dynamic and flow with the demand for tables. March and April tickets will be released simultaneously and below is the breakout from Travail on the prices. Prices are based on one person, and there will be a fee that includes 18% tip, food tax and a couple of dollars for a service fee.

Walk in tables will continue to be available for dinner at Travail, plus all of the seats at The Rookery are first come first serve.

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